Week of Prayer 2022 – Day 7


Services co-ordinator – Sheila Q

  • Pray that God who would have the say in who leads and preaches and sensitivity to His leading!
  • Pray for those who take part would be refreshed and excited about sharing God’s word.

B@9 – Dave Davison

  • For the team as we lead B@9
  • For the families who attend.
    • that they may come to faith and deeper relationship with God
  • For increasing contact with more families
    • and for a path into church for established families

Stewarding – Graham Furze

  • Everyone will feel welcome and informed on arrival and cared for during their visit to church, whether they are a new or regular attendee.
  • Stewarding will be seen as a joy and delight and a way of working together with others in the worship of the Lord.

10.30 Service – Dave Davison

  • For everyone who contributes to a Sunday service, that they might be faithful, fruitful, a blessing to others, and refreshed in themselves. That they might hear God speaking to them and through them whether they preach or make coffee
  • For those leading and speaking in the coming Sunday mornings.
  • For musicians and AV team.
  • For growth through our connection with our local community.

Music – Mike Rabbit

  • For Mike as he takes the lead on organising our musicians and worship rota.
  • For all our musicians that they would be refreshed in the Lord and lead us into His presence for His honour and our blessing.

Creche – Rosie B

  • Pray that we will build friendships with the parents and their children
  • Pray for more helpers to join the team

Urban Saints – Liz Rabbit

  • Pray for our children to learn more about Jesus, and to enjoy their classes and each other’s company.
  • Pray especially for the leaders of the younger group, which has a very diverse range of ages and ability.  There is also an issue with sporadic attendance which makes planning difficult.

Young Adults Group – Mike Gresham, George Q & Lauren Wood

  • Many of us are at the start of further education, careers, looking for places to live, relationships, etc. That we would seek first His Kingdom in all that we do, and not fall away or become distracted by the temptations of the world. 
  • We’ve had a great opportunity to connect with unchurched, and those who have not been actively a part of church for some time. Pray that God would soften/capture hearts and reignite flames that were once there, as we seek to build community and live out the gospel with each other.

Each Day

Following the commissioning of Dave Davison, pray:

  • that he settles well into his new role as Lead Pastor.
  • that he clearly hears and follows God’s leading.
  • that he follows Jesus model of servant leadership.
  • Pray for his support and accountability team:
    • Simon & Liz King
    • Alan Martin

Pray also for our:

  • Elders as they lead and oversee the spiritual life and direction of the church
    • Dave D
    • Alan M
    • Ray C
    • Mike G
  • Deacons as the manage the practical aspects of the church
    • Chris Davison, Office Manager and Elder’s Secretary
    • Steve Cox, Treasurer and Church Administrator 
    • Nic Cox, Catering Deacon 
    • Mark Wood, Mercy Ministries Deacon
    • Graham Bennett, H&S & Buildings Deacon
  • Pray for our search for an Associate Pastor
  • That God would lead us to the right man.
  • That God would prepare the way for a smooth transition.
  • That God would unite the leadership team with a common purpose and understanding of His will.

See full week of prayer.