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The World Cup vs Carols at The Windmill

Hi everyone, if the world cup hasn’t messed with your schedule enough already and caused you alternately feelings of joy and despair then here is one more casualty of the World Cup, and especially England’s (present) continuing progress. In consultation with Annabelle and her staff at The Windmill pub, we have changed the date of our carols event. It will now be on Wednesday 21st December (rather than the 14th as planned long, long ago) from 7 – 8 pm! See the updated flyer below, which also has our Christmas service dates! Come and join us for a great evening of carols and Christmas cheer. See you there…..

Affordable Food Club FAQ’s

Since opening our Affordable Food Club we have been asked a number of questions about how we set the criteria. We have updated the page with this info which you can access here. Below are those FAQ’s for you to read. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why only Freshbrook and Grange Park?   We are a small operation and whilst we are starting up, we have limited it to these areas as we want to meet the needs of the most vulnerable within our local community.
  2. Why is the limit £22,000?  The limit was agreed in consultation with other relevant agencies, taking into account the minimum wage and benefit thresholds. It prioritises helping those working families on low income, who are mostly likely to be affected by the current economic crisis.
  3. What about those who fall outside the criteria? We hope in time to expand this project to reach even more of our community. If you fall outside of our set criteria, but are in difficulty, then please get in touch, we may still be able to support you.

Citizens Advice

Advice and Financial First Aid team visit:


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Readings: Isaiah 2:1-5, Romans 13:11-14, Matthew 1:1-17



Our Mission and Vision

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Alpha at Freshbrook

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