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Ladies Not Just Desserts, Wed 22/May

The poster says it all:)!

Open the Book 20th Anniversary

“This looks like fun!”, you’re probably saying to yourself. And it is! But …, after a moment’s reflection, you may well be asking yourself, “Er, what’s Open the Book”? Have no fear, just click here!

Reliability of the New Testament, Mobile Comms and Bitcoins – Blog #1

It is commonplace nowadays to claim that the Bible is an unreliable book and that the New Testament has been changed and tempered with. “Has it not been corrupted through the millennia? Has not Chinese whispers irreparably altered its message?” These are certainly good questions to ask. In answer to this we could pose a… Continue Reading →





'You created my inmost being ...'

Our text for the year….

Alpha at Freshbrook

Interested in Alpha?Alpha at Freshbrook

Christians Against Poverty

CAP Money Course for all