Connect 3:16

Connect 3:16

Connect 3:16 is a project developed by Freshbrook Church. It encompasses a growing number of initiatives with unique but interconnected purpose in supporting our community in a time of crisis.

Under the banner of Connect 3:16 we have ‘Renew’, the ‘Affordable Food Club’ and the ‘Warm Welcome Spaces’.


Renew is a community space for promoting wellbeing.  It is a space where people can come and take time to make connections and to learn more healthy rhythms of life.

Venue: The Lounge

Affordable Food Club

An Affordable Food Club provides access to nutritious food for a fraction of what items would cost in a regular supermarket. This should be seen as a top up shop as the variety of items available will be more limited than a regular supermarket and dependent upon supply.

Warm Welcome Spaces

These are open to allow local residents to find a warm and welcoming space to come to whilst the energy and cost of living crisis is making it increasingly difficult for families and individuals to afford both the cost of heating and eating.

Partnering with Citizens Advice

Are you worried about rising household costs?

The Advice & Financial First Aid team from Citizens Advice (Click here to visit their website) will be holding monthly drop-in advice sessions at Freshbrook Church.