John Edmonds

John Edmonds is the pastor of Freshbrook Church. John started with us on 1 Oct 2011, having served churches in South Wales, and East and South London. As Pastor John also serves as an Elder of the church.

Youth Pastor

Dave Davison

Dave is married to Chris and they have two sons. Dave and Chris joined Freshbrook in 1994 when Dave was posted to RAF Lyneham. Dave took up the post of full time Youth and Schools worker for the church in June 2005. Dave also works closely with other youth and community agencies to promote better integration of young people with their community. As a Youth Pastor, Dave also functions as an Elder of the church.

Coordinator of Pastoral Care

Jonathan Berry

Jonathan describes himself as having the gift of being unmarried and joined Freshbrook two years ago. Prior to joining the staff team, he was Director of a parachurch ministry and before that was the pastor of a church in East London. He’s an avid but invariably frustrated supporter of Arsenal FC.


Alan Bailey

Alan Bailey is married to Sheila and as a couple they have worshipped at Freshbrook since 1992.

Ray Cheung

Ray and his wife Jo have been coming to Freshbrook since 1995 and they have two sons. Ray served as a Church Officer until July/2015 when he was called to be an elder.

Roy MacNaughton

Roy shares responsibility for Evangelism. He is married to Julia and they have two small children. He and his wife have worshipped at Freshbrook since 2005  having moved from his native Scotland.

Alan Martin

Alan moved to Swindon in 1988 and has been involved with the church since then. He is married to Rachel and they have one son. Alan and Rachel run the Freshbrook puppet team.


The Church Officers are responsible to the day to day running and organisation of the church.

Andy Caird

Andy, with his wife Penny, have been part of the church since 1998. They have two grown up married children and he has served as a deacon since October 2016. His responsibilities include assisting the pastor in organising speakers and leaders for the Sunday morning services and heading up the mens small group prayer network.

Nicola Cox

Nicola is married to Steve and has 2 daughters. She has been worshipping at Freshbrook Church since 2001 and became a deacon in 2016 with oversight of the church catering.

Steve Cox

Steve is married to Nicola and has been worshipping at Freshbrook Church since 2013. He helps on the church PA and catering teams and is part of the ‘Open The Book’ team who take weekly assemblies at Oliver Tompkins School. He joined the Deacons team in 2017 and took on the role of Church Administrator.

Chris Davison

Chris is also our Office Manager. For more about Chris, see below.

Paul Evans

Paul joined us on the team as the church treasurer. Paul and his wife Rachel have been coming to Freshbrook for over 10 years and have a young son.

Mike Mortimer

Mike and his wife Jacqui have two grownup children. They have been attending Freshbrook since 1994. Mike is responsible for the upkeep of the church building.

Mark Wood

Mark is married with three daughters and has been worshipping at Freshbrook Church since moving to Swindon in 2004. He has been a Street Pastor since 2009 and in April 2015 he became a church officer to oversee Freshbrook Church’s involvement in mercy ministries (Street Pastors, Night Shelter, Foodbank etc.)

Pastoral Worker

Ruth Paddon

I am a retired midwife, but stood down from the Christian Nurses & Midwives council and the Swindon Pregnancy Crisis Centre (now Pregnancy Choices) as I found that I was unable to give enough time with my Church commitments.

I am a Hospital Chaplaincy Volunteer, I visit the wards on a Monday morning & attend the monthly Chaplaincy meetings. I still lead the Hospital Christian Fellowship but it no longer takes place in the Hospital.

Many of the members of the Hospital Christian Fellowship have now retired or had a change of career, we tried to get support from other staff within the Hospital but this failed so we now meet once a month in our homes although we still sing Christmas Carols around the wards of the Great Western Hospital on Christmas Eve.

Office Manager

Chris Davison

Chris is married to our Youth Worker, Dave, and they have two sons. Dave and Chris joined Freshbrook in 1994, and after many years working at Swindon Youth For Christ, Chris became our Office Manager in 2013.

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