Warm Welcome Spaces

These are open to allow local residents to find a warm and welcoming space to come to whilst the energy and cost of living crisis is making it increasingly difficult for families and individuals to afford both the cost of heating and eating.

If you would like to find some respite from the cold, a place to warm up, to meet others and to get a hot drink then you will be made very welcome. Come to the Connect 3:16 lounge which can be accessed through the door from the car park. Disabled or those with accessibility needs will be able to access the space through the main doors, ask a member of the team if they are not open – they will be pleased to help.

The opening times are currently:

Monday 10 – 12

Tuesday 2 – 4

Wednesday 10 – 4

Thursday 2 – 4

Friday 10 – 2

If you have any questions please contact the church office on 01793 873050 or email connect316@freshbrook.org.