Week of Prayer 2022 – Day 4


Women’s Ministry – Hazel Furze

  • For a strong team which is able to work together easily and for the benefit of all women in the church.

Ladies Bible Study – Sheila Quantrell & Liz Rabbitt

  • Please pray that we won’t just be readers of God’s Word, but doers too!
  • Pray that we will be able to support one another through difficult times.
  • God would keep us fresh and moving forward in whatever plans He has for us.

Lectio Divina – Hazel Furze

  • That we would continue to be blessed and that more people would be able to join us at 7am on a Thursday.

Men’s Prayer – Simon K

  • That each of the men will feel supported and encouraged by the mutual fellowship and care for each other.
  • Praise God, as we see many answers to our prayers, knowing that ‘our labour in the Lord is NOT in vain’! 
  • That more men would realise the vital role we can play and come and join us!! 

Ladies Book Club – Hazel Furze

  • That the ladies would continue to enjoy the books and find them a blessing and a challenge.

Each Day

Following the commissioning of Dave Davison, pray:

  • that he settles well into his new role as Lead Pastor.
  • that he clearly hears and follows God’s leading.
  • that he follows Jesus model of servant leadership.
  • Pray for his support and accountability team:
    • Simon & Liz King
    • Alan Martin

Pray also for our:

  • Elders as they lead and oversee the spiritual life and direction of the church
    • Dave D
    • Alan M
    • Ray C
    • Mike G
  • Deacons as the manage the practical aspects of the church
    • Chris Davison, Office Manager and Elder’s Secretary
    • Steve Cox, Treasurer and Church Administrator 
    • Nic Cox, Catering Deacon 
    • Mark Wood, Mercy Ministries Deacon
    • Graham Bennett, H&S & Buildings Deacon
  • Pray for our search for an Associate Pastor
  • That God would lead us to the right man.
  • That God would prepare the way for a smooth transition.
  • That God would unite the leadership team with a common purpose and understanding of His will.

See full week of prayer.