Week of Prayer 2022 – Day 3


Mercy Ministries – Mark Wood

  • Night Shelter – Pray for the team as they come alongside and try to support the homeless and vulnerable in our community.
  • Safe Families for Children
  • Street Pastors – Pray for the team as we prepare to re-launch in Jan/Feb 2022 after an enforced 2 year sabbatical
  • Swindon Food Collective
  • The Harbour Project
  • Refuge Shelters

Wednesday Prayer – Ray Cheung

  • It’s a real joy to pray for the fellowship and for the wider world. We praise and thank God that it’s Him who motivates us on Wed mornings!
  • Our prayers to be a blessing to the fellowship.  To help it Know, Grow, and Go!
  • For more and younger people to join with us in prayer.


Steve and Moira Poulson (serving the Bee people in Senegal from their base in North Cotes)

  • Steve’s ongoing Bible teaching ministry via WhatsApp and SD memory cards – currently based on Acts.
  • Distribution of this teaching on the ground – people are very hungry for it
  • Moira’s ongoing Bible translation of the New Testament into the Bee language
  • 1000s of Bee’s to come to faith and form local churches

Anna Poulson (serving in Senegal)

  • Wisdom in prioritizing her various duties:
  • Manager of the mission guesthouse – many duties including maintenance and repairs to oversee on tight budget
  • Organising taster trips for would be missionaries
  • Involvement in local church, particularly with youth and music
  • Involvement in missionary workshops and their organisation

Phil and Maria Brown (serving in Colombia)

  • Ministering and caring for many hard-pressed pastors in Colombia
  • Vision of purchasing a property to serve as ministry and retreat centre for these hard-pressed pastors and finance for this
  • Involvement in “Decade of Discipleship” in Colombia – building up of disciples and outreach
  • Ongoing work of their school, teaching English, which doubles as a form of outreach

Yvette Tchoumou

  • Transition back to civilian work – to get onto the Return to Practice training as a nurse
  • Her girls Sara and Esther to grow in faith and to do well in an important school year for them both

Liv Village (Durban – South Africa)

  • Pray for wisdom for the leadership
  • Pray for protection over the village
  • Pray for the mothers and their children
  • Pray for funding at a time when finances are especially difficult

Each Day

Following the commissioning of Dave Davison, pray:

  • that he settles well into his new role as Lead Pastor.
  • that he clearly hears and follows God’s leading.
  • that he follows Jesus model of servant leadership.
  • Pray for his support and accountability team:
    • Simon & Liz King
    • Alan Martin

Pray also for our:

  • Elders as they lead and oversee the spiritual life and direction of the church
    • Dave D
    • Alan M
    • Ray C
    • Mike G
  • Deacons as the manage the practical aspects of the church
    • Chris Davison, Office Manager and Elder’s Secretary
    • Steve Cox, Treasurer and Church Administrator 
    • Nic Cox, Catering Deacon 
    • Mark Wood, Mercy Ministries Deacon
    • Graham Bennett, H&S & Buildings Deacon
  • Pray for our search for an Associate Pastor
  • That God would lead us to the right man.
  • That God would prepare the way for a smooth transition.
  • That God would unite the leadership team with a common purpose and understanding of His will.

See full week of prayer.