Week of Prayer 2022 – Day 2


Little Freshers – Rebecca Horne

  • Give thanks for the families and childminders that have been since restarting in September.
  • Pray for the good relationships and significant conversations.
  • Pray that Little Freshers will be a steppingstone for families to engage with other church activities, e.g., B@9
  • For little ones who haven’t had the opportunity to mix and develop due to the lockdowns; it has also been a lonely time for many new parents. 
  • Pray that we will be able to continue running the group in a safe way and have enough helpers.

Tuesday Fellowship – John Cairns

  • Pray that COVID will not lead to further restrictions, limiting the informal times of fellowship.
  • Pray for all those involved in making the Tuesday sessions as lively and interesting as possible.  Particularly those with responsibility for leading sessions (Alan Bailey, John Cairns, Pauline Palmer and Simon King).
  • Pray for the various speakers 
  • Pray for those who work in the background (Pat and John Hacker) & those who provide refreshments (Carole Carter)
  • Pray for the thirty+ who come along each week and offer their support in so many ways.
  • Pray that the meeting continues to grow and appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds; helping them to become passionate, courageous, and determined to lead lives that honour God and advance His Kingdom.

Home groups – John Cairns

  • Pray that the latest spike in COVID infections will not lead to further restrictions on people meeting together in person.
  • Pray that everyone in the church will commit themselves to a Home Group, where we can enjoy closer relationships and grow together in the Christian Faith.
  • Pray for each of the Home Group leaders as they seek to organise sessions to study the Bible, pray, support, and encourage one another.
    • Freshbrook: Kevin and Maggie Crouch
    • Grange Park: Michael and Liz Rabbitt
    • Lydiard Park: Mark and Laura Wood
    • Old Town: Roy and Julia McNaughton
    • Royal Wootton Bassett: Alan and Rachel Martin
    • Westlea: Paul Scott
    • Wroughton: John and Rosemary Cairns

Freshbrook Food Distribution Point (Foodbank) – Julie B + Steve C

  • Pray for those struggling to feed themselves and their family, especially with the rise in fuel costs. Many of those who come for support pay for fuel via a top up utility meter which is taking the money that they would use for food.
  • Continued good health for the team and that the team will continue to work well together.
  • Pray that the clients will be open to the Gospel and invitations to other activities at the church.
  • That we would be able to demonstrate the love of God with clients when they attend.
  • That we would always have time and patience to speak to all clients.

Each Day

Following the commissioning of Dave Davison, pray:

  • that he settles well into his new role as Lead Pastor.
  • that he clearly hears and follows God’s leading.
  • that he follows Jesus model of servant leadership.
  • Pray for his support and accountability team:
    • Simon & Liz King
    • Alan Martin

Pray also for our:

  • Elders as they lead and oversee the spiritual life and direction of the church
    • Dave D
    • Alan M
    • Ray C
    • Mike G
  • Deacons as the manage the practical aspects of the church
    • Chris Davison, Office Manager and Elder’s Secretary
    • Steve Cox, Treasurer and Church Administrator 
    • Nic Cox, Catering Deacon 
    • Mark Wood, Mercy Ministries Deacon
    • Graham Bennett, H&S & Buildings Deacon
  • Pray for our search for an Associate Pastor
  • That God would lead us to the right man.
  • That God would prepare the way for a smooth transition.
  • That God would unite the leadership team with a common purpose and understanding of His will.

See full week of prayer.