Superhero Tri powered by Marvel 2023

Superhero Tri powered by Marvel 2023

A dear family from Freshbrook associated are taking part in the Superhero Tri on Saturday 12th August 2023! They will Swim 150m, Cycle 3km and Run/Walk 1km. You might be thinking that sounds easy – that would depend on your level of (dis)ability. 

Let me introduce you to the ‘Team Logan and Leo’.

“They are going to be taking part in this year’s Superhero Tri to help raise funds for the memorial garden at Brimble Hill Special School and Uplands. In memory of all the special children that are sadly no longer with us.

This is a massive challenge for Logan and Leo, both are profoundly disabled due to a very rare gene deletion XP22.11 of which there are only 23 cases known worldwide. Unfortunately, this gene is very important as it affects intellect, and means they need help with every aspect of their lives, personally, physically and mentally they require 24/7 care. The boys are partially sighted, in nappies, use pushchairs because of their muscle issues and have a wide range of medical needs. Logan and Leo have wicked smiles and are in main very happy children who very much live in their own world and our world can seem a very confusing, loud, and overwhelming place for them. Being non-verbal is a huge barrier and they can become very frustrated and upset.

Logan and Leo cannot do many activities, sports and social events and outings that many of us take for granted. However, as a family we have never let their disabilities get in the way of them living a rich life that is fulfilled and joyous. Choosing to concentrate on what they can do and what makes them happy. They have been in a light aircraft, Logan has done the treetops at Centre Parcs, with the help of some amazing staff. He has been on a 3 wheeled motorbike and lots of rollercoasters and rides.

This year, for the first time, we will be taking part in the Superhero Tri where our superheroes will swim 150m, trike 3k and walk 1k. It’s a unique event that is part of the Invictus Games and is designed to showcase that sport is for truly for everyone of any ability and with the right support, and use of modern technology children like Logan and Leo can indeed achieve many great things and make the impossible seem possible. It’s gradual but society is starting to embrace difference and recognise everyone’s right to be included and come out of the shadows no matter what challenges they face.

Go team Captain America! Please give all you can to this worthy cause.

Logan and Leo’s proud parents.”

Watch this video: Superhero Tri 2019 on YouTube and be inspired!

Will you help cheer them on and encourage them through giving a little (or more if you can)? You can give through their gofundme page or you can scan the QR code here: