Church Verse 2020

As Jesus went to his death, he had to carry his cross through the streets. That was what they did in Roman times. People made fun of him, throwing things and laughing. Jesus chose to go through with this because of his love for us. He put our well-being ahead of his own safety and comfort. When Jesus died he experienced the judgement we deserve for all that we have done wrong against God so we could be forgiven and become God’s friends.

To benefit from his death Jesus invites us to believe in him and follow him as his disciples. He calls us to put him, and what he teaches, ahead of our own self-centred choices, and he reminds us that, as his followers, we may have to face mocking and rejection just as he did.  This we will gladly do out of love for one who first loved us.

Join us as we seek to follow Jesus.

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