Urban Saints have gone on-line too. Here are the various episodes and their worksheets in reverse date order:

13/Sep/2020 – Time to go Home

6/Sep/2020 – Daniel and the Lions

30/Aug/2020 – The Men who liked to say No

23/Aug/2020 – The Boys who liked to say No

16/Aug/2020 – Jonah the Groaner

9/Aug/2020 – The Helpful Servant

2/Aug/2020 – God Sends Fire

26/Jul/2020 – A Jar and a Jug

19/Jul/2020 – Elijah and the Ravens


12/Jul/2020 – The Wise King

5/Jul/2020 – David the Giant Killer

28/Jun/2020 – Samuel the Kingmaker

21/Jun/2020 – Samuel Hears a Voice


14/Jun/2020 – Ruth finds a new Home

07/Jun/2020 – The Walls Fall Down

31/May/20202 – A Long Journey

24/May/2020 – The Great Escape

17/May/2020 – The Secret Baby

10/May/2020 – Joseph the Ruler

3/May/2020 – Joseph the Dreamer

26/Apr/2020 – God’s Friend

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