Our Week of Prayer 11th  to  17th Jul 2022

Our Mission:

Know Christ, Grow in Faith, Go to the World

Our Church Text for 2022

Thank you for joining us in prayer as we look back at how the Lord has answered prayer following our week of prayer in January, and as we look forward with hope for the remainder of 2022. Let’s humbly seek God’s blessing through the empowering of His Holy Spirit in all that we do in service of Him. May our thoughts and plans be aligned completely with His.

As we did in January, we encourage you to listen for His quiet, gentle prompts. We’ve therefore space in this prayer guide for you to make notes, doodle, draw, or be as creative as you wish.
Please do make notes of any promptings from the Holy Spirit that you hear, feel or sense. And, if it’s appropriate, please share them by emailing: Prayer@freshbrook.org

All submissions here will be collated and considered together to build a picture of how God may be leading and guiding us.
As a leadership team, we believe prayer is the basis of our personal relationship with “Our Father in Heaven”. But we also believe there is added power when; “two or three gather in” His name. We’ll therefore provide opportunities through this week to meet to pray together. Starting on Monday 11th July, there will be an opportunity to join a 30-minute Zoom call at 07.30 each day, and an hour in-person gathering at the church at 19.30 each evening, and also during the day at 13:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please email office@freshbrook.org to receive the Zoom details.

As we did in January, we’ll close the week of prayer with a “Shared Sunday Supper” followed by a service of celebration as we worship and feedback together.

You can download a copy of the Prayer Diary PDF at the link below:

Each Day

For our Pastor, Dave Davison, pray:

  • that the Lord gifts him with wisdom in the various situations he deals with at Freshbrook.
  • that he clearly hears and follows God’s leading.
  • that he follows Jesus model of servant leadership.
  • for his support and accountability team:
    • Simon & Liz King
    • Alan Martin

Pray also for our:

  • Elders as they lead and oversee the spiritual life and direction of the church 
    • Dave D
    • Alan M 
    • Ray C 
    • Mike G
  • Pray also that God raises additional Elders to the team.
  • Deacons as they manage the practical aspects of the church
    • Chris Davison, Office Manager and Elder’s Secretary
    • Steve Cox, Treasurer and Church Administrator
    • Nic Cox, Catering Deacon
    • Mark Wood, Mercy Missions Deacon
    • Graham Bennett, H&S & Buildings Deacon
    • Laura Wood, Welcoming & Stewarding
  • Pray for our search for an Associate Pastor
    • That God would lead us to the right man.
    • That God would unite the leadership team with a common purpose and understanding of His will.
  • For the Associate Pastor Search Team,
    • Alan Martin, Chris Davison, Simon King, Liz King, Roy MacNaughton, Rebecca Horne and Lauren Wood.


Open the Book – Liz Rabbit

  • Pray for safety as we go into schools.
  • Pray for the staff and children who watch the stories, that they will remember them and take on board the lessons.
  • Also, give thanks that more primary schools are prepared to welcome teams for assemblies. We are now going to Millbrook, Oliver Tomkins, Shaw Ridge, Peatmoor and Westlea – some of these with colleagues from other West Swindon churches. Other schools are using filmed assemblies made by the same groups of people.

Pastoral Care – Pauline Palmer

  • For there to be a response to needs with God’s love, care, and compassion translated into heartfelt action.
  • That the power ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit be
    in operation as we encounter people, so as to be insightful, relevant and responsive to their situations.
  • For vision and strategy for the future as change is implemented.
  • For staff, safety and energy to run cafes on Tuesdays during the summer and that we would be privileged to see many mums and carers associated with Little Freshers and folks from the community. May our loving welcome attract many to Jesus.
  • For wisdom to provide suitable activities to meet the needs of folks during the summer holidays – a ‘Fun and Fellowship Week’.
  • For wisdom and grace to build on the relationships already established in Windmill Court and to increase the links with Elsie Hazell Court.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Pray that our mission statement may be fulfilled in and through us personally and as a church community.
  • Pray for our vision and how we connect our mission to those around us.

Our theme text

  • “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18
  • As God has set this verse on our hearts pray that we might come to understand it more completely in our lives as the year continues.


Little Freshers – Rebecca Horne

  • We give thanks that the group has been able to run safely since restarting in September and that even though we are a small team we have always had enough helpers to run Little Freshers each week. Please pray that this will continue.
  • We give thanks for the good relationships that have been established with parents/carers. We pray that these will continue to grow.
  • We give thanks that our group is a fun, friendly and safe place for many families.
  • Please pray that we will find ways to encourage our families to engage with other activities within the church such as B@9.
  • Pray for the good relationships and significant conversations.
  • For little ones who haven’t had the opportunity to mix anddevelop due to the lockdowns; it has also been a lonely timefor many new parents.
  • Pray that we will be able to continue running the group in asafe way and have enough helpers.

Tuesday Fellowship – John Cairns

We give thanks for the following:

  • Whilst COVID was disruptive in many ways, it also brought about positive changes to the structure and organisation of the Tuesday Morning Fellowship.
  • That having a joint men’s and women’ has worked well and given the meeting new impetus, with an emphasis on encouraging anyone who is free on a Tuesday morning to come along from 9.45 a.m. to enjoy a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, plus a stimulating service led by Alan, Simon, Pauline or John.
  • Over 30 people attend on a weekly basis.

Please pray for the following:

  • That those involved in organising and running the meetings continue to create a welcoming and friendly environment and a service that provides both support and challenge
  • That the meetings might attract men and women of different ages and backgrounds, both Christian and non-Christian
  • That the meetings help everyone to realise they have muchthey can contribute, whatever their age or background, andthat we can all finish well
  • That the meetings continue to help people to encounter Godin worship, prayer and good teaching, empowering them to live more effective Christian lives.

Homegroups – John Cairns

We give thanks for the following:

  • Homegroups continued to meet during COVID restrictions, using Zoom.
  • It is pleasing that the Young Adults, led by Michael Gresham, has added to the number of Homegroups, but we would like to see more people joining Homegroups, so that they themselves can grow in the faith and help others to do the same.
  • The Homegroup leaders continue to have productive meetings where they encourage one another, share ideas and plan whole church activities.

Please pray for the following:

  • That everyone who is a part of the church at Freshbrook, becomes a regular and active member of a Homegroup
  • That the leaders of the different Homegroups (Maggie and Kevin Crouch, Freshbrook; Liz and Mike Rabbitt, Grange Park; Laura and Mark Wood, Lydiard Park; Roy McNaughton, Old Town; Alan Martin, Royal Wootton Bassett; Paul Scott, Westlea; John Cairns, Wroughton; Michael Gresham, Young Adults) will continue to provide their members with the opportunity to apply the Bible to their daily lives, to pray for each other more knowledgeably and to care for each other in increasingly practical ways
  • That the leaders of the Homegroups continue to gain from regularly meeting together, reviewing progress and planning appropriately
  • That the leaders continue to explore ways of expanding the church’s small group ministry, so that more people can meet together in church or in people’s homes during the day, in the early morning or in the evening
  • That new leaders will emerge to facilitate the expansion of the church’s small group ministry
  • That all Homegroups become dynamic, open to change, not stale, cliquey and predictable
  • That Homegroups continue to provide regular ‘bridge- building’ social events at which partners, children, fringe members and newcomers (such as not-yet Christian friends and neighbours) can be included.

Freshbrook Food Distribution Point (Foodbank) – Steve C

We thank God:

  • that right from the start of the Covid we have always been able to open despite various members of the team having to isolate.
  • He has continued to provide openings to share with clients the various activities the church runs that may be of interest to them.

Please also pray,

  • For those struggling to feed themselves and their family, especially with the rise in energy costs. Many of those who come for support pay for energy via a top-up utility meter which is taking the money that they would use for food.
  • Continued good health for the team and that the team will continue to work well together.
  • That the clients will be open to the Gospel and invitations to other activities at the church.
  • That we would be able to demonstrate the love of God with clients when they attend.
  • That we would always have time and patience to speak to all clients.
  • That God would raise up others to help on a Tuesday as some of the team have had to step down.


Mercy Ministries – Mark Wood

  • Night Shelter – Please continue to pray for the team as they come alongside and try to support the homeless and vulnerable in our community
  • Safe Families for Children – Please pray that the volunteers will continue to provide support, hope and a sense of belonging for each family they get alongside.
  • Street Pastors – Thanks be to God for drawing together a committed, faithful team of Street Pastors (who have been going out on patrol on the last Saturday of each month and the first Friday of each month since February) and Prayer Pastors (who have been meeting online to pray for the whole time that the team are out on patrol). Thanks also that the team have been well received by the public, the Police and the door staff of the venues in Old Town. Please also pray for the safety of the Street Pastors as some of them have long journeys home after finishing their patrol after 2am and that God will raise up more volunteers to serve Him in this ministry.
  • Swindon Food Collective – Thanks be to God for the committed team of volunteers who serve each week and provide the clients with the food and toiletries they need. As the team are small in a number, please pray that those on the team will remain healthy and also pray that more volunteers will become available.
  • The Harbour Project – Please pray that the volunteers will continue to be family to anyone who is seeking asylum or is granted refugee status in Swindon.
  • Refuge Shelters – Please pray for the health, safety and wellbeing of those in Swindon who are homeless. Please also pray for the various organisations who try to get alongside them and provide refuge and help for them.

Wednesday Prayer – Ray Cheung

  • We thank God his faithfulness in meeting and blessing us every Wednesday morning as we meet together for prayer
  • Praise God for many answered prayers over the year, for healing, sustaining grace and growth for the people of God
  • Pray that we’d see greater blessings and greater answers to our prayers this coming year

Connect 3:16 – Laura Wood & Chris Davison

Please pray:

  • That we would see many more from the community take the first step into Connect 3:16.
  • That those attending would feel safe, welcome and have a real sense of belonging.
  • Pray for the well-being of those attending – that Connect 3:16 would help support, signpost and improve well-being for them.
  • For those serving – pray for wisdom, discernment and God’s strength.
  • Pray that through our actions, we would point to Jesus and people will come to know Him.
  • For links to be established with other agencies including the Parish Council, Live Well and the Citizens Advice Bureau in order to work together to support the local community.
  • For wisdom on how best to meet the increasing need within our community going forward.


Steve and Moira Poulson (serving the Bee people in Senegal from their base in North Cotes)

  • Praise God for a fruitful trip to Senegal early in the year, for the warm welcome, for opportunities to encourage believers
  • Praise God that Bee believers are meeting with one another
  • Thank the Lord for the hundreds who listen to God’s Word in their mother tongue on SD cards and for the small groups of Ayom believers who meet together for Bible teaching and prayer. Please pray others will be more open about their faith and the Word would fall on fertile soil.
  • Pray that our colleagues would get permission to live in an Ayom village
  • Pray for good progress in preparing Bible lessons and Bible translation.
  • Pray for better internet connections with Ayom language and translation helpers in the main village

Anna Poulson (serving in Senegal)

  • Pray for wisdom, provision and strength to run and maintain the mission’s guest house in Dakar, Senegal.
  • Pray for organisation of mission exposure trips for potential mission candidates, that these trips be a real encouragement to the candidates and give an experience of what missionary life is like.
  • Pray for wisdom in prioritizing between her various roles, as guest house manager, helping to organize exposure trips, mission conferences and church commitments.

Phil and Maria Brown (serving in Colombia)

  • Pray for Phil’s work in pastoring pastors. Many pastors have struggled through the Covid pandemic. Many have had to close buildings, let go of paid staff, and many feel like they’re starting all over again.
  • We are in the process of buying a property to live on and use as a retreat centre for pastors and leaders. In December we were able to move to the property. Please pray that God would provide for the finances needed to complete the purchase.
  • We have had a lot of problems getting a good internet connection. María has had to stop her work with the English School for a while. Please pray that God will guide us to the right system.
  • We also take care of Maria’s parents who have been living with us for three years. Pray that God would help them with all their health problems and to adapt to this stage in their lives.
  • Many pastors are discouraged as, after the pandemic, many churches continue to be at half of the normal
    attendance. Please pray that God would build His church, that His pastors would be encouraged.

Liv Village (Durban – South Africa)

  • Give thanks for a wonderful youth festival where a lot of children got saved or grew in their faith journey with Him, please pray for all seeds that were planted.
  • Please pray for finances – it is a really hard season, especially with the living costs in SA increasing greatly.
  • Please pray for protection over our children who are going away this holiday time. Some go back to their families in the communities and we have to trust for safety and making good decisions whilst they are there.
  • Pray for the Women’s Conference July 23rd – this is so loved by the women of the neighbouring communities and a special time of encouragement.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) – Graham Bennett

Pray particularly for the success of MAF:

  • Wisdom in its daily balancing of conflicting priorities.
  • Safety when flying and working on the ground.
  • Recruiting and retaining the right staff and volunteers.

A Prayer for MAF

Lord, thank you for Your peace, protection, and provision.
We pray that MAF will always have:
One purpose – the glory of God.
One pathway – the will of God.
One passion – the love of God. In Jesus’ name,

Stuart King 1922-2020

Martin & Petra De Lange

Thanks for:

  • Purchase of vehicle

Please pray for:

  • Tour around South Africa as they share with partners the work God is doing in France
  • Safety in travel
  • Work among Turkish people in France

Youth for Christ

We thank God for how God has brought us through a period of transition, and birthed a new strategy which is effectively equipping churches in their outreach with the gospel amongst under 18’s.

Please pray for:

  • Kirsten Davidson: A new team member starting Mid-July as our fundraiser. That she will be able to feel part of the team quickly, and Trusts will look upon SYFC favourably.
  • Interns starting in Sept: for both new and existing interns with SYFC, that they will build strong relationships with young people, that they will fit well into the team, and that they will know God’s peace upon their lives.
  • The building of collaborative youth events and residentials, that more churches get involved with what is being created, offered, and it will bring young people to faith.
  • Potential new avenues and roles of how we equip churches involvement in their schools and communities.

Open Doors

Please pray:

  • That those facing persecution will have the strength to persevere and grow in their faith
  • For the protection of Christians around the world, and ask God to provide for all physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • That God will soften the hearts of governments and authorities who oppose the free expression of Christianity
  • Give thanks that the Church continues to see remarkable growth in countries where Christians are persecuted; continue to pray that God’s love, power and grace will manifest itself through the faithful witness of our persecuted family, leading to more people coming to know Jesus.


Women’s Ministry – Hazel Furze

We give thanks:

  • that many women are involved in the various groups and meetings available to them and are blessed by sharing God’s Word and their experiences of life.
  • for blessing from the Saturday morning fellowship sessions and the new friendships which are cultivated there.

Please pray:

  • for mothers of school age children who may be also working outside of the home and finding life a stretch.
  • for young women seeking God’s will for their future, whether in study, jobs, or relationships.
  • for older women, whether widowed or single, facing a lonely time. Especially when health is compromised, or finances are tight.

Ladies Bible Study – Sheila Quantrell & Liz Rabbit

Please pray that we won’t just be readers of God’s Word, but doers too! – We have had some very practical studies on ‘The Church’ this year, and been challenged about different aspects of what that means for us individually as part of Freshbrook and as part of God’s kingdom as a whole.

We have asked such things as ..

  • How are we serving God as part of his Kingdom right now in our church?
  • If the church is our Family what privileges and responsibilities does that bring?
  • How will knowing we are part of God’s Temple (a place where God dwells) encourage us to desire holiness in our life?
  • How are we practically ensuring unity and valuing every person as part of the Body of Christ and helping the whole body to mature to be like Him?

These are just some of the many questions we have thought through together. There has been soul searching and challenge as we’ve taken a fresh look at who we are and how we are ‘being’ God’s people in this new era at Freshbrook.

  • Pray that we will be able to support one another through difficult times. – We have continued to chat and pray through concerns in our families and life situations and give thanks and praise for answered prayer including the safe arrival of a family member from the Ukraine war situation.
  • We have also much to our sadness (but their present joy!) taken part in the memorials of Diane and Joyce.
  • God would keep us fresh and moving forward in whatever plans He has for us. – We have had some new faces at the Bible study for which we are thankful to God. We welcome more!!

Please also Pray:

  • That our new study book on John 1- 12 Living life to the full, would have a deep and lasting impression on the way we live for Jesus Christ.
  • We would continue to be united as a group
  • That we would grow together and be open and welcoming to all ladies who would like to join us.

Puppet Team – Alan & Rachel Martin

  • Thanks for being able to meet together to rehearse for live performances.
  • Thanks to God for the Easter production.
  • Please pray as we prepare to record existing scripts to be available on YouTube.
  • Pray that Sheep is used well at B@9 to help the children understand the Bible.
  • Pray for Christmas as we look to write a new script and choose a new song.

Lectio Divina – Hazel Furze

  • We thank God that a small group of us are able to meet every Thursday morning at 7am to meditate on a small portion of God’s word. It is a gentle and calm way to approach the bible and we find some beautiful gems to take into the day.
  • We thank God for the blessing that has been received by those who join us.
  • Please pray that we would continue to be blessed and that more people would be able to join us at 7am on a Thursday.

Men’s Prayer – Simon K

‘More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of’ 
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • We praise the Lord for the countless answers to prayer concerning Freshbrook Church, the UK & Channel Islands, plus Overseas.
  • Praise the Lord for those who have shared their testimony of God’s grace displayed in their lives.
  • This has been a great encouragement and inspiration to us all, causing us to draw closer together.
  • Praise the Lord also for those who have always shown willing to lead a prayer section, even when it has been outside their comfort zone
  • We do thank the Lord for all the men who have faithfully met fortnightly to pray, and we would encourage others to join us and experience a blessing for themselves

Please continue to pray:

  • That each of the men will feel supported and encouraged by the mutual fellowship and care for each other.
  • That more men would realise the vital role we can play and come and join us!!

Ladies Book Club – Hazel Furze

  • We thank God for the blessing of being able to discuss books together and get to know one another, sharing in fellowship and prayer.

Please pray:• 

  • That the ladies would continue to enjoy the books and find them a blessing and a challenge. That we will be blessed as we continue reading “In His Image” by Jen Wilkins
  • That other ladies would be able to join us on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm.


Snack & Chat – Julie D & Ruth P

We give thanks:

  • that since lockdown we have a consistent number of folk attending each week.
  • for a steady increase of new people coming from Windmill Court and the Community, as well as our Church members and regulars.
  • that we have seen some of our new regulars attending the Alpha course, and our Good Friday and Easter Sunday Services.
  • for the meaningful conversations we have.
  • we are so pleased that Connect 3:16 has started as it will fill the needs we do not have the capacity to fill. We can direct people to a safe, friendly environment where they can find company and perhaps be directed to other agencies for the specific help they may need.

Please pray:

  • for those who have problems, and wisdom for the team to deal with difficult situations as they arise.
  • that more people will feel able to join our team, so that our present team are under less pressure and have the time to join in the conversations to nurture friendship and fellowship

Unite Youth Group – Mike G, Lauren W & Amelia S

  • Pray for our young people that went to Spree a couple of weekends ago.
  • Pray they would take time to reflect on all the teachings and everything they experienced whilst away. Pray for those who have a faith, that their faith would be strengthened, and they would be encouraged.
  • Pray for those of our young people who still have exams and those who are finished and awaiting results. That they would have a supernatural peace as they sit the exams, and await the results. That they would know that, regardless of the outcomes, they have a future and a hope, that God has a plan for their lives.
  • We have three young people “graduating” from Unite this year. One of them going to University, and the other two taking a year out. Pray they would get involved at the CU at their Uni, or get stuck in with their local church – and don’t lose the faith they have developed, but that it would become even more real to them.

Open House Lunch – Alan & Sheila Bailey

  • We give thanks for the 55 or so regular clients to OHL, mostly drawn from the local area of Freshbrook, very few with church connections.

Please pray that:

  • Links between the church and community will be built.
  • People will be reached with the gospel.
  • That the team will be strengthened with new workers especially for shopping and cooking.


Door-to-Door Team – Ray Cheung

Answers to prayers:

  • Resuming door-to-door after 2 years of COVID!
  • Many homes are now regularly receiving “Good News” papers.
  • We are seeing the younger generation open to spiritual things as well as the older folks.

Prayer requests:

  • Seeds (conversations, Good News papers, tracts, gospels) sown to grow even as we go about daily business (Mark 4:26-29)
  • Wisdom and the Spirit’s leading as we engage with people on the doors, for the Spirit to awaken dry bones (Ezekiel 37)
  • Hundreds of people to come to faith (note, this is not a flippant, presumptuous prayer, but a persistent and pressing prayer for the good of the people around us).

Outreach Events – Ray Cheung

Please pray for:

  • Men’s curry club events
  • BBQ for Safe Families – 10/Sep
  • Christmas Market – 26/Nov
  • Christmas Programme
  • All great opportunities for developing relationship with people around us and bringing them on a journey to finding Christ, and for supporting great charities too.

Alpha – Graham & Rosie Bennett

  • Pray for the Guests on the current course – that each will come to a saving and living faith.
  • Pray for the team on the current course – that each will relate to the guests, and grow in their daily walk with the Lord as they serve Him.
  • Pray for wisdom and success as we seek to integrate the guests into the wider body of the church. That this transition will be simple, smooth, and lead to growing disciples who love, serve, and speak out for Jesus.
  • For inspiration as we consider planning future courses as “Alpha Lite”. Particularly for staffing and guests, and that the wider congregation will support these in prayer and practice.

Catering – Nic Cox

  • Prayer for wisdom and grace as we oversee the vital work of the catering team in supporting many of our outreach and social events throughout the year.


Services co-ordinator – Sheila Quantrell

  • Pray that God who would have the say in who leads and preaches and sensitivity to His leading.
  • Pray that those who take part would be refreshed and excited about sharing God’s word.

Breakfast@9 – Dave Davison and the team

We give thanks for:

  • New families and individuals who have joined B@9.
  • For some of the attendees joining one of our Alpha courses.
  • For the deeper relationships built and the good spiritual conversations had. For the team as we lead B@9, for wisdom, new ideas and time and energy to prepare week after week.For the families who attend.

Please continue to pray:

  • For the team as we lead B@9, for wisdom, new ideas and time and energy to prepare week after week.
  • For the families who attend.
    • that they may come to faith and a deeper relationship with God.
    • for opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations.
  • For increasing contact with more families and for a path into church for established families

10.30 Service – Dave Davison

  • For everyone who contributes to a Sunday service, that they might be faithful, fruitful, a blessing to others, and refreshed in themselves. That they might hear God speaking to them and through them whether they preach or make coffee.
  • For those leading and speaking in the coming Sunday mornings.
  • For musicians and AV team.

Worship Group – Mike Rabbitt

  • For growth through our connection with our local community. For Mike as he takes the lead on organising our musicians and worship rota.
  • For all our musicians that they would be refreshed in the Lord and lead us into His presence for His honour and our blessing.

Creche – Rosie B

  • Pray that we will build friendships with the parents and their children.
  • Pray for more helpers to join the team.

Urban Saints – Liz Rabbit

  • Thank God that numbers seem to have settled finally, which helps so much with planning.
  • Pray for our children to learn more about Jesus and to enjoy their classes and each other’s company.
  • Pray for helpers over the summer to give the regular teachers a break.

Stewarding – Graham Furze

Please pray that:

  • Everyone will feel welcome and informed on arrival and cared for during their visit to church, whether they are a new or regular attendee.
  • Stewarding will be seen as a joy and delight and a way of working together with others in the worship of the Lord.
  • Praise God for His help and protection over us as a church during our times of worship on a Sunday.
  • Thank God for all those who willingly give their time to provide a welcome and stewarding support to the congregation every Sunday.

Quick reminder of the week’s plan

Morning AfternoonEvening
Mon 11th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Host – Dave Davison)
Church –
(Host – Mike Gresham)
Tues 12th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Host – Alan Martin)
Weds 13th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Host – Alan Martin)
Church –
(Host – RWB Homegroup)
Thurs 14th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Host – Alan Martin)
Fri 15th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Host – Alan Martin)
Church –
(Host – Alan Martin)
Sat 16th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Host- Alan Martin)
Sun 17th JulyZoom Meeting –
(Host – Ray Cheung)
Church –
(Praise Service – Dave Davison)