In June 2002, my wife Elsie and I started attending the Freshbrook Church since then we have enjoyed the helpful ministry in the Church and the Fellowship of the believers. The welcome we received is more than appreciated, also the hospitality and support that has been shared with us from time to time.

The following is just a brief outline of our background.

John and Elsie Youngman

I trusted the Lord as my personal Saviour at the age of seven years. My early years were spent in fellowship with Christian Brethren.

The Lord has given my wife and I the privilege of serving Him in a number of Countries, but principally in India, Zimbabwe & South Africa, although we have also visited Kenya, Mozambique and the Seychelles to give expository Bible teaching.

During my twenties I worked with Pickering & Inglis a Christian Publisher as their representative in the South of England, then five years as their London manager in Ludgate Hill.

After nine years I was invited to be the general Secretary of the Colportage Association and spent five years with them as their general Secretary. I then joined the SGM as their UK representative among the Brethren assemblies. These associations gave me the opportunity to teach the Word and visit no less than 400 Assemblies in the UK.

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Feeling the need for a more stable ministry, my wife and I started to pray about it and within 10 ten days we had an invitation to go to India as a pastor in the Church that serviced the Missionaries’ children and two Indian Boarding Schools. After much prayer and heart searching, we felt this was the right thing to do. It was at this time that my wife became part of the team and she cared for the Primary and Junior Children. In all we had 300 children including the Bible Classes, plus staff and Indians who were a part of the Union Church Fellowship.

After five years, during which we baptised 74 people – all of them would have a story to tell, we were able to leave them functioning as an Indian Church rather than being dominated by White people.

We were then invited to Bangalore to pick up the pieces, after a pastor walked out of Emmanuel Church with 60 of the congregation. This was a tremendous challenge, but the Lord saved two young girls who were medical students, they came on fire, started to bring 40 medical students to the Church and within a year the Church was almost packed to capacity with a large congregation. During our time there in five years, we were able to baptise over 70 people – again all them would have a story to tell. It seemed as if we were constantly in a time of revival! Today, there are at least 30 men who are Pastors, Bible teachers and Evangelists In India, the USA and the UK, as a result of this ministry. There are also now three daughter Churches. We have to emphasise, it was not us, but the Lord at work, and we were just privileged to be tools in His hand. As someone said, We were there for such a time as this!’

My wife had the privilege of conducting a series of Sunday School Teacher seminars in a number of places in South India and had one going on constantly in our own Church. She also had a good ministry among women. She has also had the opportunity of giving these seminars in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Since returning home, we have had the privilege of having two Pastorates, one in the Jersey Baptist Church and the other at the Free Church Calne, and we had the privilege of seeing the Lord at work in both places.

As I am now approaching my mid-eighties and look back over my life, I feel that I have served my generation, but what a tremendous privilege it has been. It is also most encouraging to see the on-going work through young men and women who came to the Lord during our ministry.

It is my pleasure to share with you three important messages that I gave in the Church on Faith for the times. I trust that they will be a blessing to you.

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