“What do I do with THAT?”

(A Christmas Poem by Alan Martin)

Three children were chatting on Christmas day,
Emily, Jordan and Jack.
Discussing the presents they each had received,
Who got this, or that.

Joy and excitement just filled up the room
On this, their favourite day.
Showing and playing with gifts they had got,
Enjoyment that words couldn’t say.

But all went quiet, when music they heard
And a wonderful light filled the place,
As a beautiful angel appeared in the room
With such glorious joy on its face.

“Good morning, young children”, the angel announced,
“on this, a wondrous day.
Here is a gift from our wonderful God”
The children all shouted, “No way!”

“Oh, wow”, cried the children, “a present for us?
Some trainers, a book, or a toy”?
“Oh, no”, said the angel, “much better than that,
God’s gift is a small baby boy!”

The children’s jaws dropped, and Jordan piped up,
“I wanted a dog…or a cat.
I know what to do with a soft, fluffy pet…
But what do I do with that?”

Emily agreed. “Clothes would have been nice.
Some shoes, or a scarf, or a hat.
A thick woolly jumper, for when it gets cold,
But what do I do with that?”

“At least with an ipod, we’d know what to do,
And what games to download”, said Jack.
“With Minecraft and Roblox we’d play all day long…
But what could we do with that?”

“At Christmas, we’re all used to presents and food,
With turkey, all dripping in fat.
Stuffing, and roasties, though not brussels sprouts,
But what can we do with that?”

The children all huddled together to talk,
To discuss this strange gift from the Lord.
Why was a babe being given to them?
A question that had them all floored.

“You can’t even talk with a baby”, Jack said,
“You can’t have a proper old chat.
They sleep, and they cry, and they need to be changed (“pheeuw!”)
So what, pray, can we do with that?”

Emily, feeling quite gloomy, spoke up,
“This gift leaves us feeling quite flat”.
We’ve thought, and we’ve thought, and we don’t have a clue…
About what we can do with that!”

The angel breathed in and then spoke loud and clear,
“In a way, what you all say is true.
It’s not about what you can do with the child,
It’s about what he has done for you”.

“For Jesus was sent down to earth as a babe,
At Christmas you celebrate this.
And he grew, and he taught and he healed many sick,
Cast out spirits from people possessed”.

“He showed that your sin separates you from God,
His wonderful Father in heaven.
But many felt angry, did not want to hear,
Their whole way of life seemed so threatened”.

“Against Jesus Christ, people plotted and lied,
Crimes that he’d done were suggested.
He was beaten, and whipped, and then nailed to a cross,
After they’d had him arrested”

“But despite being killed, he was raised from the dead,
By the power of God’s mighty hand.
God let his son die, and then raised him again
As part of His wonderful plan”.

“For your sin, it keeps you and your Father apart,
But there’s no need you should be afraid.
Christ’s death on the cross, so willingly given,
Means a way back to God has been made!”

“So if you are sorry for all you’ve done wrong,
Then tell God you’re feeling that way.
And he will forgive you, and make you His child,
The price for your sin, Jesus paid”.

“So look at the child in the manger this year,
As a gift from our Father to you.
And see, for the first time maybe, that it was…
The most wonderful thing He could do!”

“So Christmas is not about presents and food.
It’s about our God’s wonderful love.
We can see that it’s better than anything else,
This gift from our Father above”

Cloud Question Mark image by Micky Aldridge