‘The Sunday Evening Service’


Starting from Sunday 19 April 2015 we will be launching with a fresh vision:

‘The Sunday Evening Service’

Here’s the Elders Vision Statement for this initiative:

‘The Sunday Evening Service’ is the more informal of our regular services. We begin at 6pm with refreshments and a time to mix. The service usually ends by 8pm.

Our aim is to encounter God, experience his empowering presence in our worship, engage with his unchanging word in the Bible, and encourage one another to love him and live for him.

Praise is contemporary in style, often led by a worship band. New songs are to the fore and we regularly test drive brand new songs.

Teaching is rooted in the Bible and can explore challenging and stimulating subjects. Teaching styles vary, including talks, small group discussions, question times and watching teaching on DVD.

Opportunity is given to receive prayer. It is at this service that we allow more time and space to listen to God, to pray for one another, and to receive from God.

‘The Sunday Evening Service’ is run by Freshbrook Church and will appeal to anyone of any age who is looking for an evening service where they can join others in discovering and growing in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to help with serving refreshments, or welcoming or with the worship band please talk to or email John Edmonds (freshbrookpastor@icloud.com).