Sunday @ 6pm – Six Steps to Loving Your Church

Six Steps to loving your church is, as it’s name suggests, a six week course during which we will learn what church is meant to be and how we can get better at being the people of God together.
The course begins Sunday 15 June.
Each evening begins at 6pm with a time to talk over refreshments and will end by 8pm the last part of the evening being a time of engaging with God and each other in praise and prayer. At 6.30pm we will gather around tables with between 6-8 people on each table to watch video clips, study the bible, pray and talk together about what the bible’s teaching means for our lives.
There will be separate tables for primary and younger secondary age children, for youth, and for adults each with their own leaders.
Please do join us – if you haven’t been to a Sunday evening table series before why not treat the first week as a ‘taste and see’.
1. Walking into church
2. Building in love
3. Get ready to build
4. Love over coffee
5. Loving the outsider
6. Loving your church