Sea Of Dreams,16/March, 7-9pm

Blue Planet 2 has brought the wonder of the sea to us in recent months. On 16/Mar, you can see and hear the work of one of the best marine photographers in the world.

One of Worlds’s Best …

  • Tony White has worked for such prestigious organisations as BBC Wildlife and National Geographic.
  • Won over 100 international awards in underwater and nature photographic competitions.
  • Published over 200 articles in nature and dive magazines worldwide.
  • The first person in the world to successfully photograph the birth of a leafy sea dragon.
  • His work has been exhibited internationally, including the prestigious Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.
  • He has been the principle speaker in many photographic and scuba diving venues across the world.

On 16-March-2018, 7-9pm – Fun, Fascinating and Free!

  • Tony will give an hour long presentation of some of his life’s work. It will no doubt be fascinating and intriguing.
  • Light refreshments will be provided before and after the presentation.
  • Live performance by our puppets team – always great fun!
  • Our pastor John Edmonds will also give a short epilogue.
  • The evening is free and anyone over 8 years old is welcomed.

Don’t miss out! Reserve your seats by emailing or sign up on the clipboard at the church.