Painting by Numbers!


A new exciting sermon series starts Sunday mornings from 19th/Oct

Painting by Numbers – A Guide to the Christian Life

This series of sermons takes you to a not so often visited part of the Bible: The book of Numbers by Moses.

What can this intriguing book of the Bible teach us about Christian life in the 21st century? Come and find out!

Based on the first 14 chapters of Numbers, here’s the outline for the weeks ahead:

  •  19/Oct – Numbers, Jesus, You and Me (1 Corinthians 10:1-13)
  • 26/Oct – Walking with God, Worhsipping Jesus (Numbers 1-4)
  • 2/Nov – Holiness and the People of God (Numbers 5)
  • (A break of 2 weeks for Remembrance Day service and visit of Fidel and Yvette Tchoumou, our missionaries from the Ivory Coast)
  • 23/Nov – Could you be a Nazarite? (Numbers 6)
  • 30/Nov – How does God view You? (Numbers 6)
  • 7/Dec – “One in, All in” – United We Stand (Numbers 7-9)
  • (A break of 3 weeks for Christmas services)
  • 4/Jan/2015 – Forward into Battle (Numbers 9 & 10)
  • 11/Jan – Seeds of Unbelieve – Love of ease, love of the world (Numbers 8-11)
  • 18/Jan – Seeds of Unbelieve – Pride (Numbers 12)
  • 25/Jan – Seeds of Unbelieve – Fear (Numbers 13 & 15)

We trust this whets your appetite!

(Image by Melanie Cook)