Our Fantastic Face Lift

Well it’s here everybody – after several months of plain boring white & grey website (and several hours of down-time today), our brand-spanking new colourful website is up & running.


Unfortunately with this upgrade we have stumbled into a small problem with the sermons – we hope to have this fixed ASAP! Sorry about that folks!

ALL FIXED. You can now listen and download sermons to your heart’s content!


Also, still to come – social sharing! We will be adding a share to facebook button & tweet on twitter button for all you social people out there that want to share what you read here.

DONE. Yep, it’s that quick! At that bottom of every, page, post, sermon and event, you should find a few icons to share that page, post, sermon or event with your friends on several popular services. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and good old reliable, Email.


If you’re on facebook and haven’t already, don’t forget to like our facebook page! Just click the HUGE banner at the bottom of this page that says “connect with Freshbrook”, then when it loads, click like!


If you come across any incorrect information or broken links or any other problems, please contact us!

Josh Davison will be taking care of any problems that arise in the near future at jd.joshuadavison@gmail.com


Thank you and enjoy!