New Sunday Morning Series: Sermon on the Mount – A Christian Manifesto

In our Sunday morning services, starting 12 Jan 2014, we begin a new series on arguably the most famous of Jesus’s teachings: The Sermon on the Mount. Here are the dates (all at 10:00am):

  1. 12/Jan – Introduction to a Christain Manifesto
  2. 19/Jan – The Christian’s Attitude to Life
  3. 26/Jan – The Christian’s Influence
  4. 2/Feb – The Christian’s Attitude to the Old Testament
  5. 16/Feb – How to deal with Anger and Lust
  6. 23/Feb – How to live with Integrity
  7. 2/Mar – How to love your Enemies
  8. 9/Mar – A Christian’s Religion
  9. 16/Mar – A Christian’s Loyalty
  10. 27/Apr – How to stop worrying and start living
  11. 4/May – A Christian’s Power
  12. 11/May – It’s make your Mind up Time