Musical in a Day!

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Is is possible??

A Musical in a Day!

That’s learning it …, and with breaks in between for refreshments!

Is it possible? Well…, come and find out. You are invited to participate. Just come at mid-day for a shared lunch that we will provide. All you have to do is bring something with you for tea.

Please also get hold of a musical copy of “Jerusalem Joy”, by Roger Jones, through CMM. If you are unable to do this, please let Mike Rabbitt or the Office know (see below). If you would like a solo part please also let Mike or the Office know.

You may find it beneficial to listen to the songs on YouTube beforehand (there are some technical issues with that YouTube page at the moment. CMM have been informed).

The objective is to have fun! Please invite friends and family to come with you. It is accessible to everyone, including children of all ages.

If not bring them to the performance! That’s at 7 pm. There will be refreshments after the performance too.

How it Works

11:30 CMM team arrive, set up and pray

12:00 Shared lunch

13:00 Welcome and introductions. Rehearsal workshop 1

14:30 Break for refreshments

15:00 Rehearsal workshop 2

16:00 Comfort break

16:15 Rehearsal workshop 3 – putting it all together (with narrator and any drama)

17:45 Short thought for the day + prayer for the performance

18:00 Shared tea – sandwiches/cakes

19:00 Jerusalem Joy performance

19:45 (Approx) Close and refreshments

Any questions, please contact our office.