New Mini Series! Growing Up Fast

Growing Up Fast

A Series of Three Sunday Evenings at Freshbrook Church (6.30pm)

Growth is really important for a Christian. Without growth there is no life!
How do you grow as a Christian?
God has given us some great helps to growth.

In this series we look at three of the most important.
16 June Belonging – God uses the church to help us grow
7 July Listening – God uses the Bible to help us grow
21 July Talking – God uses prayer to help us grow

The pattern for each evening will be:

  1. Bible Groups – sitting around tables and working together on some passages from the Bible.
  2. Talk – Our pastor John Edmonds will give short talks opening up some important principles from the Bible.
  3. Discussion Groups – in our table groups applying the things we have learned from the Bible.
  4. Worship – Led by different members helping us to respond and engage with God.