Fire and Spice!

International Food Evening #3

A fun and enjoyable evening for late teens and above.

(Mums and dads, a relaxed night out without young kids?)



Try a taste of exotic Indian street food followed by delectable authentic regional dishes from different parts of India, beautifully and proudly prepared by our excellent Indian chefs. You won’t normally find these dishes in a typical Indian restaurant. It’s worth coming just to try them out! (In case you are worried, they major on taste and not on burning your tongue).

As always, drinks, dessert and coffee/tea are all included. Have no fear; you’ll be very well looked after!

(Vegetarian dishes will be available. If you have dietary restrictions, please feel free to contact us).


You know you’re in for something very different when you have an explosives expert giving a talk! The range of projects that Professor Emeritus of Explosives, Alan Bailey, has been involved in is astonishingly varied. He’ll be telling us some of the more unusual things he gets up to. Some will amuse you, others will intrigue you. And there may well be one or two surprises in store too… Alan is also a Christian and he’ll tell you why the Christian faith is such good news and how it works in the life of an explosives professor.


As if that’s not all, we have a few other items to entertain you, but you’ll have to come and find out …


Tickets are £8 per person and must be purchased in advance. They are available from our office, contact details are here. Do grab a ticket quick as they are limit. We look forward to seeing you.