Community Olympics 2013

August 3, 2013 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


The Schedule

Sprint = one length of field

Middle distance = two lengths of field

Long distance = four lengths of field

Provisional schedule (subject to change)

Time                       Event                                          Age

3pm                         men sprint                                   16 and over

3:03pm                    ladies sprint                                 16 and over

3:06pm                    boys sprint                                   11-15

3:09pm                    girls sprint                                    11-15

3:13pm                    boys sprint                                   8-10

3:16pm                    girls sprint                                    8-10

3:19pm                    girls and boys sprint                     5-7

3:22pm                    girls and boys sprint                     0-4

3:25pm                    men sprint                                    41-60

3:28pm                    ladies sprint                                  41-60

3:31pm                    men sprint                                     61 and over

3:34pm                    ladies sprint                                   61 and over

3:37pm                    boys middle distance                     8-15

3:40pm                    girls middle distance                      8-15

3:43pm                    men middle distance                      16 and over

3:46pm                    ladies middle distance                    16 and over

3:50pm                    standing long jump

Categories: girls and boys 0-4, girls and boys 5-7, boys 8-10, girls 8-10, boys 11-15, girls 11-15, men 16-40, ladies 16-40, men 41 and over, ladies 41 and over

4:10pm                    boys long distance                         15 yrs and younger

4:14pm                    girls long distance                          15 yrs and younger

4:18pm                    men long distance                          16 and over

4:22pm                    ladies long distance                       16 and over

4:30pm                    throwing

Categories: girls and boys 0-4, girls and boys 5-7, boys 8-10, girls 8-10, boys 11-15, girls 11-15, men 16-40, ladies 16-40, men 41 and over, ladies 41 and over

4:45pm                    relays, Grange Park v Freshbrook

Categories: boys 15 yrs and younger, girls 15 yrs and younger, men 16 and over, ladies 16 and over

4:55pm                    open sprint                                    all

5:00pm finish



3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd (depending on event entries)

The winning team is the team with the most points at the end of the event

False starts and any form of cheating will lead to disqualification

There is no limit on the number of events an individual can participate in

Standing long jump: distance from end of toes at start to the position of the body part closest to the starting position at the end of the jump

An appeals arbiter will be present: their decision will be final

Winner’s names will be posted on the web-site ( after the event

Entrants participate at their own risk.