Coming Soon Autumn ’13: Sunday Evenings at Freshbrook

Sunday Evenings at Freshbrook

Join us for 6pm Tea followed by our evening meeting from 6.30 to 8.00pm.


Born to Battle

When you live life with Jesus you discover you are in a battle. The World, the Flesh and the Devil are all out to bring you down. God has promised he will not allow you to be defeated and he will help you to win the war. This five week course* is designed to help you stand, and not only stand but advance against all that comes against you.


Each week we will spend time in groups digging into the Bible, we will listen to a talk from one of our pastors, we will talk together in groups about how to apply the truths we have uncovered and we will join together in worship, seeking reality and intimacy in our relationship with God.


  • 22 September  – Know your Enemy – Our battle is not against people but against the world, the flesh and the Devil. Find out just what that means.
  • 29 September – The Big Con – Discover how to tell the difference between truth and error and why it matters.
  • 6 October – The Booby Trap – Learn how to identify and defeat temptation to sin in your life.
  • 13 October – The Smear Campaign – The Devil is an expert at sowing seeds of negative thinking and untruth in our minds. Find out how to counter the Devil’s lies.
  • 20 October – The Dark Valley – Saved through Suffering. If it’s the path Jesus walked it shouldn’t surprise us that the road to glory passes through the valley of suffering. Learn how suffering can make us more like Jesus and bring us to glory.


*Material adapted from ‘Staying Alive’ by Jeremy Middleton (pub Rutherford House 2000)