CE-Banner-DesignHave you ever wondered what all the fuss is about? Got questions about life, death and the universe? Or had a sneaking suspicion that maybe – just maybe – there’s more to Jesus than initially meets the eye?  If so, then Christianity Explored might be just the opportunity you’re looking for!


It’s free! It’s informal! And it involves food!


It’s a 7-week course that will lead you through one of the first century accounts of Jesus’ life – the gospel of Mark.  Each evening starts with a plate of food.  Then there’s a short discussion which is followed by a short DVD presentation.  The evening finishes with opportunity to ask questions, teas and coffees, and more chat.  And it all lasts no longer than 1 ½ hours.


You can participate in the discussions.  You’re equally welcome to just sit, listen and say nothing.  No questions are considered too foolish.  No views are dismissed as irrelevant.  And if you decide after Week 1 that it’s not for you then we promise we’ll respect your decision and privacy.


If you’re interested and want to know more then there are at least three options available:

  • Log on to www.christianityexplored.co.uk as there’s plenty of information, plus the opportunity to view the Week 1 DVD episode online.
  • Call in at the Freshbrook Church office; open 0900-1200 most week days.
  • Email office@freshbrook.co.uk for further details.


We think you’ll be glad you did!

Why not


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