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Evangelism & Outreach

  • Develop a coherent Evangelism strategy reaching out to our core area of Freshbrook and Grange Park through regular ‘drum beat’ events and small groups such as Christianity Explored.
  • Make outreach and evangelism an every member activity, equipping people to witness where they live and work.
  • Clearly communicate ‘Welcome’ to all including the effective use of a wide range of media.
    Establish a church plant before 2019.
  • Join with others who are faithful to the Gospel in outreach and evangelism.

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Building Up The Church

  • Encourage Worship that engages heart and mind.
  • Ensure teaching is biblical and intelligible and equips people to know Jesus and live for him day by day.
  • Help the Church Seek God through genuine focused prayer times.
  • Encourage people to seek God through personal Bible reading and prayer.
  • Encourage people to share personal experiences, challenges and encouragements.
  • Develop Service Guidelines for speakers and leaders.
  • Provide Pastoral care for all who need it.

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Training & Development

  • Provide training for members to discover develop and use their spiritual gifts.
  • Develop those exercising a preaching gift and identify and train those with potential.
  • Ensure structured review and development for all full time staff.
  • Create a one year 18+ gap year apprentice scheme.
  • Create a trainee assistant pastor post.

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Global Mission

  • Establish a commitment to taking the saving good news of Jesus to all the nations as core to church life and ministry.
  • Promote interest in and support for existing church missionaries.
  • Raise up, develop, encourage and support new missionaries (short and long term) from the church.
  • Establish a clear annual plan for supporting Global Mission.

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Mercy Ministries

  • Provide support for Agencies helping in our community.
  • Develop church Mercy Ministries in the community.
  • Provide oversight of Mercy Ministries to ensure balance/legal compliance.

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